Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Fixing your lawn can add value to your home!

After a marathon of a winter, I can’t begin to tell you how ecstatic I am to finally hear birds chirping outside my window and not to see snow barricading my sidewalk. With the first balmy weekend, I noticed my neighbor out in his yard replanting the grass that had wilted away during the winter months. Sprucing up the yard may be a basic cosmetic upgrade to a home, but its value stretches beyond the lawn.
Show me the green The Turf Resource Center reports that a study conducted by Michigan State University and funded by the Horticultural Research Institute found that depending on where a property is located, high-quality landscaping adds 5 to 11 percent to the home’s value. The study reported that landscaping adds more value than any other home renovation project.
And a recent survey of 2,000 realtors by reported that an investment of $500 in lawn improvements would likely yield 400 percent of that total when selling the home.
Smells good, sells well Making over your lawn doesn’t have to empty your pockets, either. A great landscaping tip I recently got from fellow Homescape blogger Frank Schulte-Ladbeck is to add some aromatic herbs such as mint and lemon thyme patches to the yard to create a fragrant smell. A rolling breeze will carry the enticing aromas throughout the surrounding area. This is great for a seller having an open house.
Schulte-Ladbeck says many professional gardeners of large estates are gussying up their traditional lawns with more than just grass. “The use of various herbs and weeds are a great addition, because it doesn’t require as many herbicides or fertilizers, making it an eco-friendly option. These botanic alternatives will also fill in sparse patches faster than grass, so the lawns look fuller.”
First impressions are everything when you’re selling a home. So it only makes sense to spend a little quality time to improve your landscaping. It’s the first thing buyers see — and probably one of the last things they’ll remember.

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